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We are starting the foundation of a new site on the internet from here, and we are in function for the construction of the establishment the structure of a site pertaining to the High-Pitched City of Shibam in both languages Arabic and English which is under the progression, and we regarding the finalization of this arrangement.
From here, we present our highly appreciations to everyone interesting to share us with his least effort even if it is one word or desire a suggestion to share and part us, and for everyone knows the importance of establishment for this site, where the ideas (dreams) appeared with appearance of an Antiquated City of Shibam in those who were ignored and anyone who wishes to know.
This Ancient City of Shibam was constructed in fifth century B.C. The most important happenings (events) of this realm is Haroon Al-Rasheed Mosque including knowledge School (Mosque) of Abadiyeen which was elevated in the year 166 Hijrah.
Allah is my witness that I am performing this job for the sake of my community and state expecting the rewards and recompenses from Allah. But I know more misstep, I could not reveal right know by myself if you will make clear to me, and expressions for this word.
I am requesting from all what I overlooked for it and we are completion to each other and the successful work is from you.
I am asking Allah for me and you conciliation and success

Wadi Hadramawt and the walled city of Shibam

The history of the South Arabian plateau is closly bound up with that of the city of Shibam, the former Hadrami capital. Situated at the meeting point of all the wadis and important as a caravan halt on the spice and incese route, Shibam enjoyed through the ages a prestige which reached as far as the east coast of Africa.

Amadou-Mahtar M'Bow,
Director-General of Unesco

Documentery film about shibam

Shibam was the world for height in the pre-Islamic Humyar language. Terms like Manhattan of the Middle East, Chicago of the Desert, and town with the worlds first skyscrapers are heard nowadays in describing this city. Contemplating the mud-brick tower houses is quite awe-inspiring. They date back some tow or three hundred years and can reach up to nine stories in height. These high-rises, whose tops are regularly white-washed with a sealant to protect against rain an erosion, require constant maintenance by their inhabitants.

Shibam is thought to have been in existence since the second century AD, and layers of history lie below the current buildings. Shibam became the capital of the Hadramawt Kingdom in the third century AD. Benefiting from the lucrative frankincense and myrrh trade, it had gained independence form the Kingdom of Saba.

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