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Michael Jazi wrote historical impression about SHABAM CITY is the one of the most historical known cities of HADRAMOUT which is carrying the name of the KING SHABAM BINU HARITH BINU SABA AL ASQAR, and it is a merely turning your attention the good characteristic shape of its houses and buildings having towers which are erected to the sky above principle(pattern).

This comfortable characteristic shapes has no relation with rule of architecture thoughts (concepts), but the practical need is imposed elements and the target of these is the valuing of building, because construction material is not the solid material used for skyscrapers, and baked bricks or not cement used high architectures but is only raw pure clay. The formation of the city is consists right now 500 buildings and 8 mosques surrounding a clay wall having big gate carrying out to another smaller gate, and the design was accomplished building (structured) on strong fortress shape appearing to views in the first and then like one chunk (agglomeration) including to top towering which is built on a hill heightening around 30 meters relatively to the HADRAMOUT VALLEY, and the main gate heights to approximately 907 meters, including the wall which was built in 16th century BC. The realm of known SHABAM CITY which is built in 8th century AD the days of the Ruler AL KHALEEF AL ABASIYAH HAROUN AL RASHEED and SCHOLAR JAFFAR ensures that the architecture in HADRAMOUT VALLEY passed many stages extending to and before Islam, and some of these stages disclosed museum sections (parts) which including drawings, IBEX, COWS, GAZELLE(DEER). CAMELS, SHEEP, GARDEN, IDOLS, HUMAN STATUS, ANIMALS, SCENES OF CHASING THE BEAST OF PREY AND DRAWING OF TEMPLE NEAR THE VALLEY which their number is above ten temples constructed sculptured stones.

AL SAQAF included that Islamic effect clearly started in the lighting houses, cupolas(domes), bundles, graves and the structures of engineering took place among RECTANGLES, SQUARES, HEXAGON, OCTAGONS, SPERICALS SHAPES, CONE IN SHAPE, like the common Islamic arts but not drawings of living things and perhaps clay construction which disclosed in SHIBAM and old wall of SANA'A too, and big mosque of MAHDAR in TARYAM with the successful option for the resistance of climate and weather totally healthy, rain prove(resistant) and for purpose of war.


Scientifically (chemistry, physics) the environs of clay is different and when added to a water it changes plastic form smooth in shaping different forms retains it's shape for ever after drying or burning gaining more strength and more sticking. Clay architecture is considered an elongation of soil and historically passed different stages of soil human relations and forming basic architectural mechanism and traditions. The clay was used in construction of BABIL and perhaps lighting houses of MAHDAR MOSQUE reaching a height of more than 40 meters blessing who seen the ability of everlasting (eternal), ability of confrontation of different erosion elements (factors) and exception nature of conditions


The SHIBAM buildings which are above the ground about 8 floors of preserved clay with chaff and hay, and so become the first idea for improving this material with this additional. Dr. Ali Binu Hama a professor of Architecture in King Saud University said that the HADRAMOUTH VALLEY contains elegizing architecture and ancient civilization having social and economical striking techniques in the deep history.

Eyes witnessed that Yemeni human power and art novelty, excellent skills, city formations, plentiful ness, frankness signs in beauty and power of construction mechanism which harmonizing with environment makes the high value in form and essences.

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