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The beautiful buildings of SHIBAM hugs the clouds more than five hundred years and ascending 7 floors and reaches 16 really. The brain of Arabs can build miracle if it will be avail the means of architecture. The city is constructed in the old style, so it's streets are very twisted and narrow but the location selection of city center strengthening the strategic in constructing old skyscrapers in the world.

Most of them say, it is city of cities and arrogant in Yemen, addressing the Yemeni an wonderful and genius capability in construction which is still remains our preferred bet in architecture. These houses and buildings in the city are constructed bricks high in an exciting shapes and diameter wall for the ground floor of the AL HADRAMI HOUSE in SHIBAM reaches between 1.5 to 2.0 meters but the diameter is decreasing as you go up to the floors up (upper edges) of the house, and normally the upper part of the building is covered a big layer of white lime.

This name of the city attributed to a name of a king in an empire (SHIBAM BINU HADRMOUTH BINU SABA AL ASQAR). In another story when SHABOOT residences collapsed the inhabitants of this area migrated to this location which is the center and named SHABAT and their TA is changed to MIIM, and that is what AL HAMADIYENN cited (mentioned). But some of the interesting persons of the history of the region saw that the SHIBAM name perhaps one of the KINGS, great man, priest, big leader in the area at that time, special most of the urbans called this name, for example: KOWKABONA SHIBAM; AL KHARAS SHIBAM, HARAZ SHIBAM and so on.

It said the name of the area returns to due the SHIBAM HADRAMOUTH constructed and reflected AL HAMADEENI that the city was constructed in 12th century BC where one of the stories indicated that the construction of the city was accomplished in 5th century BC, and become know in 2nd century BC.

Most of the sources reported that SHIBAM city passed important historical events before and after the ISLAM, and of that events indicated a sources of blissful scholar rise a campaign on HADRAMOUTH and caved on SUWRAN located in west of HADRAMOUTH, and over there attacked on SHIBAM and compelled the HADARAM to seek protection in the city which was blocked 13 days and there collapsed.


SHIBAM city is considered the capital of politics and economy in HADRAMOUTH VALLEY rather than to all HADRAMOUTH and sources of volumes (books) indicates when AL HADARIM adopted Islamic religion in 10th of HIJRA, prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) sent ZIYAD BINU LUBAID AL BAYIDI to be a representative in HADRAMOUTH and make SHIBAM a headquarter moving in between SHIBAM and the known city of knowledge in HADRAMOUTH, which is TARYAM.

According to the historians, the old SHIBAM that was bigger than now as HAMADAANI proved. However, residence of HADRAMOUTH tribe on eastern and central portion of HADRAMOUTH VALLEY mainly in SHIBAM were resided HADRAMOUTH tribes where 30 mosques are there in his era - remains now 6 mosques partly destroyed by KINDA (well known HADRAMOUTH tribe) and resided BINU FAHAD HAMEER AND BINU FAHAD BINU SABA BINU HADRAMOUTH. AL HAMADANI illustrated his Well known volume (CHARACTERISTIC OF ARAB ISLAND) that " SHIBAM CITY in HADRAMOUTH" is good markets for cane, as well as most historians spoke such as YAQUUT AL HAMOUDI, AL QAZWAYNI, and some of known empires QAYS BINU KHALTHOUM AL SUKAWNI AL KINDI born in SHIBAM 6TH Year of hijri and died in year 37th Hijri and he was commander participated EGYPT OCCUPATION (CONQUEST) in the year 20th Hijri.

This city has started off the revolution of ABDULLAHI BINU YAHYE ALKINDI in 128th Hijra against the government of UMMAWIYAH and continually

Revolution of Abdulla Binu Yahay Al Kindi accelerated in this city in the year 64th Hijra against the government of Al Ummawi and continued moving with resistance base of Al Abasi justice in Hadramout, and spread in all at that time Al Abadiya doctrine which the HQ in Shibam and ended 6th century of Hijra.

Al Tayb Abu Maxi in Al Qalaada mentioned it is the HQ and capital for the government of Bani Al Dakhar Binu Ahmed in the year 64th Hijra to 504 Hijra, Al Yamini Binu Al Alam captured and as Capital till 616 Hijra, after Ibin Mahadi and continues Shibam capital of political for the Valley of Hadramout till the year 928 Hijra, where Siyoun became Political Capital in Hadramouts for Suldan Badar Bawdawerag Al Katheer but remain Economic and Trade Capital, where it was constructed are important Trade center accelerated trade carvans to Hijaz and Iraq by land through Ali Biri Port and Shahar to Hindi and China, and imported frankincense, Luban and bitter materials for using worship place of different religious.

The City did not survive from destructive actions where it was destroyed through decades untill it became the present situation , for arrival of Sail Al Hameem in the year 699th Hijra and destruction of part of Shibam containing 3 Mosque as well as factors of floods and other environmental changes took part.

Hospitals, Industrial, schools and all important places come out in wall rounded of all sides and it the an old building, having only one gate closed in the night time. And its buildings were as skyscrapers in that time in the world, made up of pure clay and reached around 6 to 7 floors, for a height of between 4 to 6 meters each floor characterized with engraving and decorated in good manner in their doors and windows which made up of local wood (Al Sadar) Nabaq Tree , and the houses prosperous more than 500 years if it could be found maintenance.

Hospitals, Industrial, schools and all important places come out the days of grand Mosque named (Haroon Al Rasheed) which completed and elevated in the year 166th Hijra, including Al Khawqa Mosque which was a center for the Al Abadiyah.

And there too a North Palace which was built in period (617th Hijra) and was HQ for the government after one another and Ibin Mahad took HQ in 618th Hijra and dug a trench round the fortress extended Al Khawqa Mosque and Ali Binu Omer Al Katheer dug a well beside it in 836th Hijra and still remains and took HQ for General Department of the province in the countries historical towns in Hadramout.

UNSCO considered Shibam city one of the Basic Traditional Cities in the world, and completed many various projects to keep against demolishing, specially against the evil offensives that changes most of Yemenian Cities one of it Shibam.

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